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An Explanation of Cloud Web Hosting

Reseller website hosting and "THE GREAT CLOUD"

Nowadays, virtually every hosting and reseller web hosting vendor plays with the expression "cloud web hosting". As a matter of fact, the web site hosting companies availing of an actual cloud web hosting system are most likely less than the fingers of your two hands. That's worldwide. Why is it like this? Because it's doggone complicated to devise an actual cloud hosting platform. Firstly, you need to uncover the proper persons. Second, it takes years for them to concoct the cloud webspace hosting platform. Finally, it requires lots of cash. Heaps of money. Not every developer or system administrator can take part in a job like this one...

A few clouds in the unclouded web site hosting horizon

Ponder over this: how many hybrid vehicle constructors exist out there? Toyota was the primary pioneer of the repetitive flow production of hybrid electric vehicles. Began approximately ten years ago. Recalling anyone else? Huh? Serial production? Come on. Attempt once more. Nissan recently has joined the company... going directly electric with the Leaf prototype. So, let's return to cloud web page hosting... It seems to us, the entire web hosting horizon is bright, with very small clouds around (maybe only a few). :-)

cPanel web site hosting vs CLOUD SITE HOSTING

How many of the cPanel-based reseller web hosting companies in existence furnish real cloud web hosting services? Let's not forget, cPanel was built for and still runs exclusively on one web server. In no less than 99.99 percent of the cPanel installations in the world, cPanel works on a single web hosting server. To make it short, the cPanel shared web hosting platform is a one-single-server-does-it-all sort of a hosting platform. All storage space, mail, database, FTP, website hosting CP, DNS, etc. tasks are being executed at one and the same time on one web server.

Single-server site hosting solutions: the queue issue

Here's an instance: it's like running 8 software applications simultaneously on your computer. The personal computer's performance unavoidably slows down markedly, due to the fact that now there is a long queue with requests awaiting to be served or executed (created by these 8 software applications running simultaneously). So, when the cPanel webspace hosting reseller vendors call the web hosting solutions on offer "cloud site hosting-based", it's good to ask them the question: "What kind of cloud are you referring to?"

The condensed haze around the cPanel-based "cloud website hosting" platform

This so-called "cloud" these cPanel-zealous boys are citing, in reality, to a certain extent, seems like a vast mist or a condensed fog. Of course this is not a cloud, even a small one. In the best case, some of the cPanel web hosting providers (maybe just several) succeed to create a remote database or DNS server (or servers), and here we go, they quickly exclaim - we are "in the cloud" now. Yeah, right. Is it a nighttime cloud? Because in the daylight we can't see it on the horizon!

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